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animals have feelings. they can also feel pain and feel love just like humans, they can also help each other. in these pics you'll see how can they help other animals and in what ways they have feeling for animals.
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Many animals have habbits very same with humans and they try to copy humans, not exactly but very much near to humans. here are Top 15 Most Animals That Are Behaving Like Hero And Think They Are BOSS

Don't show me your attitude dude, i have my own

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10 - Grenada 

This former French colony is the tenth smallest country in the world with the total area of 132 square miles Grenada is a Caribbean island located northwest of Trinidad and Tobago it was colonized between 1649 and 1763 by the French and still retains a strong French influence in its culture and architecture world's tiniest country, tiny island, smallest country in the world, tiny country pics, small country pics, most smallest country, most smallest island, very tiny island, island pics, island wallpapers hd, island pictures hd.

  • Our Universe Is Much More Than We Imagine. There Are Many Complicated Planets And Big Objects That Seems Like They Can Never Find Ever. But With The Help Of Modern Science Scientist See Many Shocking Things In Space. Here Are The 10 Amazing And Shocking Things Ever Find In Space.

10 - GLIESE 581C

GLIESE 581C Has Been Determined By Scientists To Be a Potential Planet Candidate For future Colonization But The Planet Is Closer To Its End Up We Are Two Hours Which Means It's Stuck In a State Title Locket That Results In One Side Of The Planet Always Facing The Star While 

  • Technology Has Made Man Easy To Work And Has Changed The Way Of Thinking. Now Scientist Has Much More Ideas For Change This World. Here The Top 10 Unbelievable Technologies That Can Easily Change Our World Completely.

10 - Screen-less Display

Now Scientist Represent A Very Useful And Unbelievable Technology That Can Change Our World And Way Of Thinking. Screen Less D!splays UtilizeZ The Transmission 0f Inf0rmation With 0ut The Requirement 0f @ctually Having a Physical Screen.Yes This Is Hard To Believe But This Is True. This Em3rging Techn0l0gy Includes 3d images, Far P0int Images As Well As a Large Angle 0f View. It Is Light Weight And Will Revolutionize Entertainment As a Wh0le. Now A Days You Can See It In Movies But Hopefully This Technology Takes Place In Reality And One Day You'll Be See It In Your Room.

In Space, There Is A Diamond That Is Bigger Than Earth

This Is Unbelievable Thing That Somewhere There Is A Diamond In Space That Is Really Bigger Than Our Earth.This Is Discovered by a US-Franco research team, its radius is twice that of Earth’s with a mass eight times greater. It Is Hard To Believe That It's Surface Is Covered By Graphite Rather Than Granite And Temperature Of This Planet Is Hot, And Is About 1,648 Celsius. If Our Reserchers Can Get Approach To This Planet Then The Whole World Hopefully Changed In A Very Major Level.

Nature Is The Gift Of GOD. It Can't Be Created By Any One. It Seems Like Heaven And A Man Can Relax His Mind To See The Beautiful Scenes Of Nature, Nature Is Best Way For Enjoying. Pakistan Is One Of Those Countries Where Nature Can Be Seen Everywhere. Nature Of Pakistan Is Much DIfferent And Beautiful Than Other Places In World. Pakistan Has So Many Fantasy And Dreamy Places Where Everyone Wants to Go And Stay. Here We Have Some Of The Fabulous And Dreamy Pictures Of Pakistan's Nature. You'll Definitely Shock To See It.
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Nanga Parbat Is Ninth Highest Mountain In the world, it was first ascend by Herman buhl.It's Height Is 8,126 Meters From Sea Level.It Is Situated In Gilgit Baltistan

Sign Boards Are For Helping People. But Sometime It Becomes Entertainment For People. They Don't Know What They Trying To Write Or What They Trying To Say.. You Can See Here Such Sign Boards Which Is Entertaining Sign Boards.
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push if doesn't work, pull if that doesn't work. we must be closed
if door does not open. do not enter

daftar mein chars peena mana hay

horni police.heheheheh

please leave the bulding before posting it on social media

please don't teach you garbage yo swim

no parking both sides. road side funny sign boards


When Ice Melt It Turns Into Water, Some Places Where There Is Not Enough Place To Store It, There Water Move From There And Then Falls On Low Level. Somewhere It Looks Interesting, Somewhere It Looks Dangerous And Somewhere It Looks Very Interesting And Beautiful
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waterfall on a green grassy mountain

These Are Most Epic And Different Buildings In The World. These Buildings Sett An Example Of Best Architectural Work. Now A Days Our Engineer Are Too Modern And Can Make Building Of Any Time, This Shows Hard Work Of Them. We Must Appreciate Them In A Positive Way.   
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This Is A Real Building Looking Like A Cartoon Land, We Can't Believe On This Architectural Work But Really It Exits.

Commemoration of Ibrahim (Abraham)'s willingness to sacrifice his young first-born and only son in obedience of a command from GodCommemoration of Ibrahim (Abraham)'s willingness to sacrifice his young first-born and only son in obedience of a command from God. Eid is a event of happiness for muslims.Because everybody like it and share their happiness with others, children like it most because they get interesting cards from fellow friends and on eid day they get sweet dishes and a lot of money. bought new clothes and many much other things.
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may ALLAH bless you all. eid mubarak to all

Hunza Valley, KPK

Hunza Valley, KPK

Nanga Parbat

Nanga Parbat

Faisal Mosque, Islamabad

Faisal Mosque, Islamabad

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